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    Time:2019-05-08 17:25Writer:djsilicone View:629

        Recently, two patents of the company ("A silicone rubber internal mold release agent and its preparation method", with patent number of ZL201510358541.6; and "A new self-feeding rubber filtering extruder", with patent number of ZL201420235797.9) won the "Chinese Fluorine and Silicon Industry Patent Excellence Award".

        The benefits of the patent numbered ZL201510358541.6: the material used in such mold release agent has extremely low surface tension and superior thermal stability; therefore, the silicone rubber internal mold release agent made of it can be used in harsh temperature environment, with high safety, without irritation or hazard. The silicone rubber internal mold release agent described in this invention has stable chemical properties and advantages such as dispersibility and low addition proportion. When it is used to make a forming product with homogeneous film and complicated shape, the product with precise sizes and high acceptability can be obtained.

        The benefits of the utility model numbered ZL201420235797.9: the work efficiency is increased, the problems of rubber leakage and bearing failure in the equipment can be solved; and the quality stability of product can be improved.